New album Aelita

"A lot of people ask us if we're going back to "the old Mando Diao sound" on the new record. There is no Mando Diao sound. We're constantly evolving, and the music evolves with us. None of our albums sound the same as the last one, and this upcoming one is not an exception. We're always looking for new dimensions and we found yet another one with Aelita."

Gustaf Norén

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Aelita (2014)

Infruset (2012)

Greatest Hits Volume 1 (2012)

Mtv Unplugged - Above And Beyond (2010)

Give Me Fire (2009)

The Malevolence of Mando Diao (2009)

Never Seen The Light Of Day (2007)

Ode To Ochrasy (2006)

Hurricane Bar (2004)

Bring 'Em In (2002)

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